A great food seems incomplete without the right Beverages of your choice     Here are few of our shakes and coffees to refresh you entirely Not So Virgin                            60 Rs Hazelnut Shake                   


Made from marinated meat, Shawarma is roasted slowly and  include cumin, allspice, sweet paprika, oregano, cinnamon, cardamom and pepper You would not have tasted mutton so delicious until you would have a taste of our shawarma. The meat fillets are sure to win your tongue and ask for one more! We serve Shawarma in both


The thinner variant of Chips, French Fries are a must have for all the potato lovers. These deep fried, thin slices of potato are liked by all and are available with different twists of flavour Our popular varieties which will just spice up your mouth! Peri-Peri Fries              80Rs Fries

Big Fat Sandwich

Would you like to appease your appetite with a sandwich that you can barely fit in your mouth because there’s so much stuff on it!! Layered with flavor taste and structure, Our Big Fat Sandwich is surely one thing that you would not want to miss. We make sure that your taste buds can relish

BFC Burger

Be ready to fill your mouth with a tempting taste of our very own BFC Burger! Placed with lettuce and tomato, you will start daydreaming for the burger which is proportionally filled with sauce made from mayo, hung curd, mustard powder,olive oil , pepper , salt and lemon juice. This burger is sure going to be